Sandblasting Etch Priming Spray Painting in Epoxy Red Oxide & Y44 Sand Yellow Paint

Sandblasting, Etch Priming, Spray Painting in Epoxy Red Oxide & Y44 Sand Yellow Paint

This is our latest project for Michael at Bonney Refridgeration. Michael has a customer who is expanding their business and installing a large refridgeration room. The pipes have a requirement to be etch primed with a Single Pack Anti Corrosive Red Oxide Primer. Anti corrosive primer is designed to protect the surface from rust and avoid the steel from corroding over time. With the steel pipes, the surface is recommended to have sandblasting first to clean the steel immaculately and allow the etch primer to adhere to the best capabilities. Check out the before and after photo of the steel pipes with sandblasting and etch priming in the single pack anti corrosive red oxide primer.

As you can see in the photo, the black coloured pipes are in raw steel. With the steel pipes in raw steel, the surface has to be prepared for the etch primer and spray paint to adhere correctly. Once the surface has been sandblasted, the pipes can now be etch primed with the Red Oxide primer. The steel pipes after they have been coated with the red oxide primer are resistant to any surface rust appearing and contaminating the steel. Michael has asked for Ublast to apply some a top coat on some of the steel pipes in Y44 Sand Yellow enamel paint. See photo of the pipes coated in the red oxide primer and sand yellow paint all completed within the time frame allocated.