How can I fix up an old trailer and make it look brand new?

How can I fix up an old trailer and make it look brand new?

Some weeks ago I was browsing Facebook, Gumtree and other sites and saw lots of trailers with potential. I found many trailers that were old and rusty. Most if not all trailers for sale appeared to be worth keeping and with some hard work they could be restored back to their original condition. They all need an overhaul before it would be ready to use, but I knew it would be a great trailer once time was spent repairing them. Ask yourself what needs to be done?

In this post I’ll share the basic steps involved when restoring old and rusty trailers. You’ll find that trailers can be restored quickly and affordably.


The trailer needs to have the old paint and rust removed so when applying the new paint it will adhere properly to the surface. You have 2 options;

1st option: Sanding with any kind of sander whether electric or pneumatic. This will be time consuming and hard work.

2nd option: Sandblast with sandblast pot or hand held gun, a pressure pot system is quicker. See before photo of a trailer we recently have booked in to be sandblasted then spray painted in Hammerdry Charcoal with and etch primer underneath.


Apply an etch primer to the bare surface now the trailer has been sandblasted or sanded back to bare metal. Once the etch primer has been applied your trailer is now ready for spray painting. Be careful to mask all your lights, reflectors, wheels, any item on your trailer you don’t want spray painted. Always research the type of paint you are using to check for drying times between coats and best application procedures with air operated spray guns. See after photo of the trailer we recently completed, see the after photo of completed trailer spray painted, please note customer did not want top tradesman canopy spray painted.