can i sandblast stainless steel?

can i sandblast stainless steel?

We say yes you can. The reason for sandblasting stainless steel is to roughen the surface for preparation to be spray painted or powder coated.

Google says, Grit blasting leaves a rough profile that makes the stainless steel prone to crevice corrosion, whether or not the surface is free of iron. Thus, grit blasting should be avoided. Sand blasting — This method is generally unsatisfactory. New, clean sand will remove debris and heavy iron-contamination from the surface.

Remember when Google mentions sand or sandblasting, the abrasive used is not sand. Sand is not allowed for use with sandblasting. The most common abrasive used for sandblasting to remove paint or rust is an abrasive called Garnet. Garnet is a naturally mined mineral and is perfect for use with sandblast cabinets, pressure pots or hand held gun assemblies. There are many other types of abrasives to be used with sandblasting, like glass beads, walnut shell/kernel, steel grit, aluminium oxide and more.

As you can see from the photo above, these machine parts have been specifically manufactured from stainless steel. The machine parts previously had been spray painted straight onto the stainless steel surface but the paint basically came straight off and did not last. Now the best way to ensure the paint adheres to the stainless steel machine parts is to rough up the surface. By sandblasting the stainless steel machine parts they now can be coated to help the paint stay on the surface for longer.


Can i spray paint my boat?

Can i spray paint my boat?

Answer; Yes you can. We are currently busy restoring a boat for our customer Simon who has a 6 metre aluminium boat with a fibreglass cabin which is in need of restoration. The paint on the boat hull is in poor condition and the cabin is in worse condition, in fact most of the paint on the cabin is totally faded and in spots completely off the surface. Painting the boat with a spray gun is the ideal way to have a great looking finish and it looks better than painting with a brush.

Question; How can you remove the old paint from the boat hull and cabin? Sanding the rough surface and old paint until smooth is the best way. Sandblasting is a great way to remove paint, however the fibreglass cabin cannot be sandblasted, it must sanded back by hand, potentially with an orbital sander. The aluminium boat hull can be sand blasted, see photo's of the boat stripped back and ready for spray painting.

Now the boat hull and cabin have been prepped, you can then apply your base coats and final top coats of paint on the boat. It's recommended to apply a wax seal or polish on the boat, this will help to allow the water to bead off the surface and maintain the paint to last longer.

Our next post will show the boat spray painted with marine paint and ready to install the outboard motor, cabin interior and so on. Stay tuned for photo's of the boat finished with spray painting

How can I remove rust and paint from a skip bin?

How can I remove rust and paint from a skip bin?

There are several ways to remove rust from a skip bin. An orbital sander is one way to remove the rust from a skip bin, another way is to use a grinder, both of these processes are time consuming especially if it is a large sized skip bin for example imagine the time it would take on a 6 metre bin!! The quickest way is to sandblast the skip bin. By sandblasting the rust and paint off the bin this will allow a clean surface back to bare metal and ready to be etch primed and spray painted. See photo of this 6 metre skip bin recently sandblasted. This bin had a lot of rust and basically all the paint was falling off and exposing the surface to allow rust to creep in and start destroying and eating it's way through the metal. Rust never sleeps.

This skip bin has been sandblasted spray painted to remove rust and old paint by Ublast Pty Ltd located at 136 Abbott Road Hallam. This skip bin needing to be stripped back. It had the old paint and surface rust removed to be spray painted. We sand blasted the bin and put 2 coats of etch primer on it then spray painted it white aluminium colour. This will potentially protect the skip bin from rusting further and avoid the rust eating away at the metal for the time being. Our recommendation is to continue maintenance on the skip bins sandblasting and painting the bins to make them last for years. Here is the finished looking skip bin freshly spray painted and looking new again.

Sandblasting & Etch Priming Mustang 68 Engine Bay

Sandblasting & Etch Priming Mustang 68 Engine Bay

When sandblasting and engine bay, it is important to have the complete engine out of the car and stripped completely down so the sandblasting can be performed effectively to remove the unwanted paint and rust from the surface. So many times we see many types of cars with rust and paint coming off on the older types of vehicles. Sandblasting will definitely remove paint and rust from any surface especially cars. Once the sandblasting is finished the surface is then ready for spray painting. See the photo's of the Mustang 68 in the middle of the spray painting process.

After the spray painting has been completed, the area which had rust and paint now has been removed and re coated with fresh coats of paint to help protect the surface from rusting. Considering this car the Mustang 68 is a collectors type of car, this process of sand blasting and spray painting is essential to help keep the car protected for years to come. Rust eventually can eat it's way through any type of metal and then create problems such as holes in the surface. Rust never sleeps and will continue to become worse until it eats all the way through the surface. The good news is rust can be fixed by removing it from the surface. Try to avoid ignoring any rust you have on your car and remove it as soon as possible.

How to prevent rust on a trailer?

How to prevent rust on a trailer?

Rust is inevitable, you can't stop it. Quite often this is what you hear from many people. If you read Benjamin Franklin’s quote “Nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes,” you will note that rust is not mentioned. Rust happens because we let it happen, we allow our trailers to deteriorate and when the paint is removed the trailer is exposed to the weather elements.

One main reason trailers and other vehicles rust out is that the rust is allowed to spread and become worse eventually creating holes on the trailer. Once the rust starts it continues to grow with every rain drop and with every trip down a wet highway or even on days with a bit of dew. Luckily for all you trailer owners the rust can be repaired and removed. How do we do this you ask? Firstly the rust must be removed completely, one of the ways to remove rust is sandblasting. By sand blasting the trailer will be brought back to bare metal

Lets discuss our latest project. Our customer Bill brought his boat trailer in to be spray painted. The guards had accumulated bed rust spots which had began eating away at the steel creating holes. We recommended to sandblast the trailer and etch prime it to prevent further rust. Once the trailer was sandblasted this would allow Bill to check how bad the rust damage was. Bill took the trailer to a repair place and had new guards welded on.
The trailer has now been spray painted. Check out the photo's of how good the trailer looks now and most importantly the trailer is now fully protected from further rusting.

Can you spray paint outdoor furniture?

Can you spray paint outdoor furniture?

The answer is YES. You can spray paint outdoor furniture, at Ublast we use WAGON PAINTS high quality paint supplier located here the south east suburbs of Melbourne. In fact, WAGON PAINTS spray paint is specifically formulated to add a long lasting durability for most types of objects especially to outdoor furniture. In addition to protecting these surfaces against natural elements, we can recommended using an anti corrosive Rust Protector. The Rust Protector is available as an etch primer and can be used in conjunction with an assortment of different types of paints, colors and finishes, allowing you to coordinate your outdoor furniture with your personal touch, maybe even colour matching it to your house or just a favourite colour you prefer.

Check out the latest project we have just completed. The outdoor furniture was presented to us with the paint falling off, our customer was unsure how long since it had been painted they guessed over 10 years since they purchased the furniture. The first process is to remove the old paint sandblasting is the quickest way for us to remove it. After the outdoor furniture has been sandblasted we then transfer them to the spray paint booth where it will be covered in an anti corrosive etch primer. Now the furniture is ready for spraying with paint. Our customer advised the furniture will be outside in the weather so our recommendation is to spray paint them with a 2 pack paint this will help protect the furniture for years to come.

Still have questions on how to spray paint outdoor furniture? Ask the team at Ublast for the best results and restore your furniture back to it's original looking condition!

How does Spray Painting Ute Box Work

How does Spray Painting Ute Box Work? We recently sandblasted, etch primed and spray painted a ute box for Complete Tree Services in white enamel paint. The ute box was in severely poor condition with rust spots showing and the paint was basically falling off the ute box in chunks. If the ute box was left unprotected for much longer, what will happen is the rust will eventually start to eat through the steel and leave big holes on the surface and continue to become worse. The customer relies on this ute box for their business and it would cost a lot of money to have another ute box manufactured for their requirements. By fixing the problem now, the ute box can be treated for repair by firstly sandblasting all the old paint and rust off it. Second step is to then etch prime the ute box to stop any more contamination from appearing. At Ublast Pty Ltd we recommend before spray painting to take the item whatever it maybe and repair it, whether it needs welding new plates of steel or using body filler to fill the gaps/holes. Once these things have been completed then bring it back to us so we can spray paint it and have it not only to look new again but to protect it for any future contamination of rust.

The photo's here depict what the finished surface looks like. The photo's can also be great for branding of your business, imagine rocking up to a job and the customer sees a newly looking vehicle, perception can be a huge part of business and professional looking businesses generally have a better chance of more business referrals.

How to sandblast trailer for Spray Painting

How to sandblast trailer for Spray Painting.


First step the trailer needs to have the old paint and rust removed so when applying the new paint it will adhere properly to the surface. You have 2 options;

1st option: Sanding with any kind of sander whether electric or pneumatic. This will be time consuming and hard work.

2nd option: Sandblast with sandblast pot or hand held gun, a pressure pot system is quicker. See before photo of a trailer we recently have booked in to be sandblasted then spray painted in Hammerdry Charcoal with and etch primer underneath.

Second Step apply an etch primer to the bare surface now the trailer has been sandblasted or sanded back to bare metal. Once the etch primer has been applied your trailer is now ready for spray painting. Be careful to mask all your lights, reflectors, wheels, any item on your trailer you don’t want spray painted. Always research the type of paint you are using to check for drying times between coats and best application procedures with air operated spray guns. See after photo of the trailer we recently completed, see the after photo of completed trailer spray painted, please note customer did not want top tradesman canopy spray painted.

Our customer didn't want the top sandblasted or spray painted as he needs to repair the top section with welding some parts and fix the rust holes. Once this is done we can then get the top back to sandblast, undercoat with etch primer then spray paint. Keep checking our blog posts for updates and photo's on the trailer tradesman top painted.

How do I make my concrete truck roadworthy?

How do I make my concrete truck roadworthy?

In Victoria, a Roadworthy Certificate is required whenever a vehicle is being sold. The owner of the vehicle must provide a current Roadworthy Certificate to the buyer, unless the buyer is a spouse or motor vehicle trader.A vehicle can be sold without a Roadworthy Certificate if it is not registered. If a used vehicle is being re-registered, a current Roadworthy Certificate is required. In some cases a Roadworthy Certificate is needed to clear a vehicle defect notice.

One of the key elements with Vic Roads to sell your concrete truck is the vehicle must not be covered in concrete. This is not just for cosmetic looks, the chassis and rear of the truck must be clean of excess concrete. When concrete is dry, it is extremely difficult to remove. You can spray a chemical called Crete-off which softens the concrete enough to scrap off. Another way is to sandblast the concrete off the truck however when the concrete is in huge clumps you still need chemicals to help remove it.

As you can see not the chassis rail is totally clean of concrete. Under the Vic Roads guidelines, this concrete truck now will pass inspection to get the roadworthy and sell the truck to the buyer. With the rear of the concrete truck painted white this also helps to pass the roadworthy inspection. The concrete shoots and top section now are spray painted white and look brand new again.

Sandblasting Etch Priming Spray Painting in Epoxy Red Oxide & Y44 Sand Yellow Paint

Sandblasting, Etch Priming, Spray Painting in Epoxy Red Oxide & Y44 Sand Yellow Paint

This is our latest project for Michael at Bonney Refridgeration. Michael has a customer who is expanding their business and installing a large refridgeration room. The pipes have a requirement to be etch primed with a Single Pack Anti Corrosive Red Oxide Primer. Anti corrosive primer is designed to protect the surface from rust and avoid the steel from corroding over time. With the steel pipes, the surface is recommended to have sandblasting first to clean the steel immaculately and allow the etch primer to adhere to the best capabilities. Check out the before and after photo of the steel pipes with sandblasting and etch priming in the single pack anti corrosive red oxide primer.

As you can see in the photo, the black coloured pipes are in raw steel. With the steel pipes in raw steel, the surface has to be prepared for the etch primer and spray paint to adhere correctly. Once the surface has been sandblasted, the pipes can now be etch primed with the Red Oxide primer. The steel pipes after they have been coated with the red oxide primer are resistant to any surface rust appearing and contaminating the steel. Michael has asked for Ublast to apply some a top coat on some of the steel pipes in Y44 Sand Yellow enamel paint. See photo of the pipes coated in the red oxide primer and sand yellow paint all completed within the time frame allocated.