How does Spray Painting Ute Box Work

How does Spray Painting Ute Box Work? We recently sandblasted, etch primed and spray painted a ute box for Complete Tree Services in white enamel paint. The ute box was in severely poor condition with rust spots showing and the paint was basically falling off the ute box in chunks. If the ute box was left unprotected for much longer, what will happen is the rust will eventually start to eat through the steel and leave big holes on the surface and continue to become worse. The customer relies on this ute box for their business and it would cost a lot of money to have another ute box manufactured for their requirements. By fixing the problem now, the ute box can be treated for repair by firstly sandblasting all the old paint and rust off it. Second step is to then etch prime the ute box to stop any more contamination from appearing. At Ublast Pty Ltd we recommend before spray painting to take the item whatever it maybe and repair it, whether it needs welding new plates of steel or using body filler to fill the gaps/holes. Once these things have been completed then bring it back to us so we can spray paint it and have it not only to look new again but to protect it for any future contamination of rust.

The photo’s here depict what the finished surface looks like. The photo’s can also be great for branding of your business, imagine rocking up to a job and the customer sees a newly looking vehicle, perception can be a huge part of business and professional looking businesses generally have a better chance of more business referrals.