Sandblasting & Spray Painting Steel Beams Posts Channel Bunnings Loading Dock

Our latest job sees us sandblasting and spray painting various shapes and sizes of steel beams, posts, c-channel for our local Bunnings warehouse. One of the most successful hardware stores in the history of Australia is still expanding. Bunnings have contacted Berwick Fabrication to manufacture a loading dock for when the trucks arrive with stock to sell in their store. Berwick Fabrications asked how can we make the loading dock look new and protect the surface of the steel from corroding.


After the beams have been sandblasted, they can are ready for spray painting. This job the customer has specified applying an etch primer to the steel before applying the top coats. This loading dock is for an internal application and Bunnings advised they still require etch priming to ensure the spray paint lasts. As you can see the beams and channel has been fabricated to industrial strength from Berwick Fabrications and designed to specification for loading dock weight requirements. By removing the scale from freshly manufactured steel this helps not only the paint to stick to the surface, it provides a base for the paint to adhere to.